We share with you our heartbeat - these are reports related to our vision and values.

Baptisms in open water

On 23 June 2024 at 13:00 we will baptise in the Aabach. Two people, who are expressing their discipleship to Jesus Christ and giving a sign of their bond, have joined...

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Small groups specifically

Our small groups start a new round after the spring holidays. The month of March is a pit stop during which you can register for a small group. Our small groups fulfil a dual purpose.

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Getting to know each other

The get-to-know-you morning is an event that is intended to fulfil two tasks: For people who are still undecided, this should provide a basis for a good decision, and for people who have already decided on the...

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There's a lot going on at seetal chile - find out more about special events, courses, campaigns and camps.

Men's event - take off under power

Will shopping soon be delivered to our homes by drone? Probably not. But unmanned Swiss transport aircraft could soon be populating the skies around the world. Timon is part of a start-up company in which...

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Worship in the evening

In this service, C.R., a young woman (31), will give us an insight into her life. We will learn how she coped with various challenging situations (death of her mother, finding a partner,...

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glow Camp 2024

Many years ago, an ark saved the various inhabitants of the earth. Noah was given a mission and fulfilled it with trust in God. He had to face challenges again and again in order to...

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We create together - here you can find reports on current activities from different areas of the seetal chile.

Become part of the project, youth centre conversion!

Our youth centre is to be prepared for the next - perhaps final - stage. We are focussing our intervention equally on the current space requirements of our municipal operations and the necessary room hygiene measures....

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Help build the stage!

All the preparatory work is bearing fruit and we would like to have the stage redesigned this summer. Now many hands are needed to rebuild, set up, design, expand and realise. Would you like to...

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Spring cleaning in the seetal chile

This is what awaits you if you take part in the seetal chile annual clean-up half-day on Saturday morning, 13 April: great company while you work, a bit of fun, valuable conversations and at the end of the exertions...

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