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published on Thursday, 3 January 2019 by Simon Wick
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For the start of the new year with the first service, we are launching a new stage design. We are busy working, setting up and optimising so that our stage will soon appear in a new guise - fresh, modern and part of an overall concept.

Review: We have learned a lot.

Since we moved into our new centre (2014), we have gained a lot of experience when it comes to optimally supporting church services and other events with event technology. In the area of lighting technology, we have accumulated a number of pending issues that we have never been able to optimally implement for various reasons.

Thus, in the past, we have had difficulties in reacting flexibly to our diverse community life. The combination of insufficiently illuminated stage segments or actors as well as the non-targeted highlighting of central objects have troubled us in some situations. The fact that selective corrections of inconsistencies have proved rather difficult has prompted us to make holistic and conceptual changes.

Stage design as part of an overall concept

First of all, we have to clarify what our goal is and what we want to achieve by redesigning our stage.

  • InvitingThe stage is a central element in our services. We use light and other creative means to create a warm and appealing atmosphere. We want our visitors to feel comfortable - just like when they arrive home!
  • Focused: Many things happen on stage. The challenge is to stage everything important at the right time in the best possible way to get the maximum effect. For example, in the future we will work much more closely with our people from the décor team. We design together!
  • StylishOur overall appearance as seetal chile is characterised by modern accents and clear structures. We want to take up these parallels in the stage design. Aspects of the annual theme for 2019 are also incorporated.

Months of planning

There was much discussion. A lot of tinkering. Plans were made and thrown away again. The question is not only what we want, but above all how we can achieve optimal implementation. Night hours partly became the daily rhythm.

Dominik Widmer, head of lighting technology, plans the project in detail and leads the subsequent implementation work. Until then, we meet with those responsible for the décor team, evaluate countless materials for use in indirect lighting and prepare a cost calculation.

During the preparation work, we were able to experience God's guidance in various ways. For example, we were given light bodies from another church at just the right time, which fit our plans exactly. Many thanks at this point!

Implementation with success

The first week of January is reserved: The three of us, with additional support from time to time, will turn all the plans we have drawn into reality. Fantastic! The stage is transformed into a real eye-catcher. This creative element will accompany our services in the future. A thousand thanks to all the helpers for your tireless efforts!

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