The listener - a theatre play

published on Thursday, 22. February 2024 by André Gloor

The seetal chile theatre group has been busy rehearsing the new dialect play since last autumn. The time has finally come! On 22 March at 20:00 and 23 March at 18:00, the play "Der Zuhörer" will be performed in the seetal chile centre. Afterwards, the bistro will be open for refreshments and socialising.

The play is about a special house with a special content and a special aura. Life situations are portrayed in various scenes, which do not always have a "happy ending". Who is inside the house? Let us take you on a journey through exciting, practical and familiar moments in life. The theatre group, consisting of 10 people, would like to use the play to show visitors special and authentic life situations.

 The whole group is really looking forward to the moment when the curtain falls! Will you be there? We look forward to seeing you!

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