We share with you our heartbeat - these are reports related to our vision and values.

Small groups specifically

Our small groups start a new round after the spring holidays. The month of March is a pit stop during which you can register for a small group. Our small groups fulfil a dual purpose.

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Getting to know each other

The get-to-know-you morning is an event that is intended to fulfil two tasks: For people who are still undecided, this should provide a basis for a good decision, and for people who have already decided on the...

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Community weekend 2024

"Step onto the water" is the theme of this year's church weekend. In following Jesus Christ, at some point we come to the point where Peter stood. He saw his friend...

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A thank you to you

The seetal chile lives from your commitment - be it in prayer, in financing, in cooperation or simply in benevolent participation. Decisive things happen in secret. At the thanksgiving feast on...

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Small group concrete - Shepherds wanted

"Follow me!" is the theme of the seetal chile for 2024. The vessels in which discipleship is to become concrete are our small groups. That is why we are focussing on them and...

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Alliance events 2024

The co-operation of the churches in the Aargau Seetal is important to us. That's why we regularly cultivate these neighbourly relationships in January during the national Alliance Prayer Week. This year, our co-operation consists of two...

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