There's a lot going on at seetal chile - find out more about special events, courses, campaigns and camps.

glow Camp 2024

Many years ago, an ark saved the various inhabitants of the earth. Noah was given a mission and fulfilled it with trust in God. He had to face challenges again and again in order to...

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Sisterhood Games evening

On Saturday, 27 April 2024 we will meet at 7 pm (until 10 pm) in the centre of seetal chile for a game night. All women are very welcome to join us.

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Discover D'Bible

When we deal with a biblical book in "d'Bible entdecke", it is sometimes like a treasure hunt; as if we were removing a few layers of dust. It is not uncommon to find...

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Worship in the evening

We are looking at the topic of how we can hear God's voice in our everyday lives. In this service, HG tells us how he experienced God's impulses in his life in various...

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How can you know if you are saved?

This Generation+ event is about the big and all-important questions in life: What happens after death? Where do I go? Can I know if I will be saved?

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"Zacchaeus" - an Adonia musical

Adonia concert, 20 April 2024, 20:00 Mehrzweckhalle FahrwangenAdonia brings the extraordinary story of Zacchaeus to the stage as a rousing musical. A gripping story about loneliness and solidarity, opportunities and...

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